Rangdum then the Panzila pass, Drang Drung Glacier...
«  Only 15km to go, a 3 hours drive. »
Padum at last, the Zanskar river and the monasteries
Quick ! Before the cold times come :
Store the dried dungs on roof tops for the stove,
Dry in the sun the last pieces of yak cheese,
Beat the wheat and take in the hay.
The exams before going back to the village for winter.
The road stops here.
A two days walk to get to the perched monastery of Phugtal.
A festive retirement celebration in costumes at Char village.
The first snow falls. Time to go.
A river, a land, People.
The Zanskarpas will get isolated for the next 6 months.
Nun Kun
Suru River
Rangdum Gompa (Monastery)
Drang Drung Glacier
Zanskar Valley
Karsha Gompa (Monastery)
Karsha Gompa - Candles
Karsha Gompa - Young Monk
Karsha Gompa - Play
Karsha - Treshing wheat
Karsha - Chaff
Yak Cheese
Professors' day
Zangla - Baby Nuns
Zangla - Granny nun
 Thongde or Tongde Gompa
 Thongde or Tongde Gompa
 Thongde Gompa - Drums
Tsarap River
The coin in the hole
Phugtal's monk
Phugtal Gompa
Phugtal's Terrace
Phugtal - Sink on valley
Cha Village - Young lady
Cha Village - The womens
Cha Village - Tea time
Cha Village - Adornment
Cha Village - Perak
Hitch hiking
Padum on fire