A Buddha flooded by sun rays.
Stones, tress, some stones and trees that interweave.
The small Angkor like they call it here.
The boundary of the Khmer civilization.
A village, a small town around this temple long time forgotten.
A giant tree also venerated.
Some colourful trucks. Where do they go? Where do they come from?
You must explore the countryside and the humid fields to know.
Abrupt transition on the way back.
The concreted province capital town.
But full of life when night comes.
A bit of grace at the feet of Thao Suranari...
...This is Isan.
Thai bus ride
Little Angkor
Pausing the other way
Golden face
In the light mood
Outside the walls
School line
Bus stop
Hop on hop off
Knights - Chevaliers
Combine harverter unloading
Happy the second
Under the banian tree
Sacred banian
Swirls - Volutes
By the river
Traps - Nasses
Fishing - Pécher
Folding leaves
Drying - Sécher
Effet Buffle
Drying - Sécher
Drying - Sécher
Drying - Sécher
Singing birds
Phimai's night market
Phimai's night market
Phimai's night market
Nakhon Ratchasima - Lady Mo
Night cyclists
Fortune teller
Thai dance
Thai dance
Thai dance
The hand
Thai style